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Confirm your identity so your votes count towards your legislators' Representation Scores.

This ensures valid residency and prevents multiple accounts.

Instant Verification

$1 charge to a credit/debit card in your name

Takes seconds

Helps cover our costs

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Frequently Asked Questions


Other Methods

Does the Instant Verification not work for you?

We're working on adding more ways to verify, including in person.

Please send us a short note:



Is my information secure?


We never get direct access to your credit card.

We follow the strict guidelines set out by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Can we trust digital voting? What about hacking?

We've developed a simple new cryptographic integrity system, called Proof-of-Vote, for secure internet voting.

This lets you verify your vote is entered and counted correctly, never tampered with, while still preserving your voter privacy.

Aren't there other ways of verifying identities besides credit cards?

We've explored other options.

Many are promising, and we'd like to include more in the future.

For now, we believe this $1 one-time charge is the most effective combination of speed, convenience, & accuracy.

This lets us get liquid democracy into the vast majority of Americans' hands, as soon as possible.

We're inspired by the same system used by the United States Postal Service to verify identities online.

Shouldn't voting be free?

We're big believers in making sure everyone has a meaningful voice — that's why we're working on this.

But the reality is is also a small, independent organization. And we can't spend taxpayer funds.

We're optimistic that liquid democracy could be publicly funded in the future, but this isn't politically feasible for now.

We hope that $1 to get started — less than the cost of a bag of chips — is still affordable enough for widespread participation.

We're all paying about $2 per voter for every taxpayer funded election. That's just the cost to collect and count the votes.

We believe we can bring these costs down for everyone, and provide a much easier and more powerful democratic process.

Aren't most online things free?

Even when you're not paying directly, free websites usually sell your information or attention to the highest bidder.

We want to be independent and believe our financial sustainability ought to come from citizens, not advertisers.

Remember, "If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold."

Is this refundable?

No, it's important that the charge not be refundable, to discourage creating fake accounts.

Where does my money go?

It directly supports United's costs to make liquid democracy practical to use with our real governments.

More funding lets us move faster with more resources.

Sadly, most new online products don't have a sustainable revenue model and are forced to shut down.

We're focused on making liquid democracy a practical long-term reality.

Our company is a registered Delaware Public Benefit Corporation. Our charter legally enshrines that we exist for more than profit.

Please reach out with any other questions or issues: [email protected].

It is well known at this point that politics has become a team sport. The whole spectacle of it seems to be aimed at distracting us from the real issues we are facing as a country.

Glenn Beck

September 2016