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VETS Act of 2017

HR 2123
Introduced by Glenn Thompson on 2017-4-25

(This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary has been expanded because action occurred on the measure.)

Veterans E-Health and Telemedicine Support Act of 2017 or the VETS Act of 2017

(Sec. 2) This bill allows a licensed health care professional of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to practice his or her profession using telemedicine at any location in any state regardless of where the professional or patient is located if the covered health care professional is using telemedicine to provide VA medical or health services.

Such authority shall apply to a covered health care professional regardless of whether the covered health care professional or patient is located in a federally-owned facility.

The bill defines "covered health care professional" as a health care professional who: (1) is a VA employee appointed under specified VA authorities or under the civil service; (2) is authorized by the VA to provide health care; (3) is required to adhere to all telemedicine quality standards; and (4) has an active, current, full, and unrestricted state license, registration, or certification for such health care profession.

The VA shall report to Congress on the effectiveness of the VA''s use of telemedicine.

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President George W. Bush

October 2017

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