HR 1900 — National Veterans Memorial and Museum Act

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Introduced by Steve Stivers on 2017-4-4 • Last action on 2017-11-8

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National Veterans Memorial and Museum Act

(Sec. 2) This bill designates the Veterans Memorial and Museum currently being constructed in Columbus, Ohio, as the National Veterans Memorial and Museum.

Such designation may be withdrawn no earlier than five years after the date the museum opens to the public if the museum's progress and operation are found to be unsatisfactory based on the report required by this bill.

As a condition of designation, the director of the museum shall report to Congress regarding: (1) a projected five-year budget, (2) outreach to veterans about the design and contents of the museum, (3) the exhibit decision-making process, (4) organizational structure, (5) bylaws and rules, and (6) organizations that have accredited the museum.

The museum is not a unit of the National Park System, and its designation under this bill shall not be construed to require federal funds to be expended for it.

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